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LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend "very much afraid" after brutal attack, attorney says

Ex-girlfriend says NFL star behind her attack
LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend convinced he was involved in her assault, attorney says 02:41

The former girlfriend of NFL star LeSean McCoy says she is convinced he was involved in her assault. Delicia Cordon's attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, said she was pistol-whipped by a masked intruder and the attacker stole two Cartier bracelets. Graham said her client has now moved out of the suburban Atlanta house where she was attacked, but remains traumatized. The bruising and swelling on her face are still visible, reports CBS News' Dana Jacobson. 

Though Graham didn't get the impression that Cordon feared McCoy before, now she's "on edge" and "very much afraid." Cordon's attacker wanted the same expensive jewelry her ex-boyfriend has been demanding she give back, Graham said. When McCoy gave them to Cordon in 2016 for her birthday, she posted about it on her Instagram account.

"When she said to this person 'Hey, I don't have it, it's in a safety deposit box." He accepted that. I'm not certain what type of burglar would accept something like that," Graham said.

The intruder also didn't force his way in. According to Graham, McCoy had the home's security system changed about a month before the attack and Cordon wasn't given the code to arm it.

The Buffalo Bills running back calls the claims against him "totally baseless," saying, "I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months."

Asked if she believes McCoy is tied to the incident, Graham said, "I'm not certain. What I see is a lot of circumstantial evidence."

As for Cordon, even if the person who attacked her is put away, Graham said she still "absolutely believes Mr. McCoy had something to do with this."

McCoy's attorney, Don Samuel, said his client does not have the ability to access the security footage from the house. He also told CBS News he has spoken briefly with investigators but didn't say whether McCoy himself has.

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