Len Britton Ad: "Better Bail Faster, Billy!"

Vermont Republican Senate candidate Len Britton has released a new ad that features a pair of children trying to bail water out of a raft.

They're having a hard time of it: One complains that the raft is "taking on a lot of water," while the other complains that the task is "impossible."

Then a man who is sitting in the raft with the kids (and, for some reason, is holding an umbrella) tells another man next to the raft to "hit them with the stimulus," at which point the second man dumps more water into the boat.

The water, as you might have guessed, is a metaphor for the national debt. After the "stimulus" water is added, one of the kids says to man in the raft, "hey mister, you're going to sink this boat."

He responds with a smirk: "Better bail faster, Billy!"

Cue Britton: "Out of control spending is sinking our economy and mortgaging our children's future. Help me throw our kids a lifeline."

Britton, who is hoping to defeat Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy but is trailing badly in polls, previously ran an ad called "Better Get a Paper Route, Billy" in which a family is handed what they think is a giant check but actually turns out to be an invoice for their portion of the national debt. Check it out below.