Beloved character returns in latest Lee Child mystery

Lee Child on 20th novel and movie sequel 03:59

Best-selling author Lee Child introduced readers to Jack Reacher in 1997 and the character is becoming one of fiction's most wildly-loved literary creations. Child said he is so popular because "he does the right thing."

"I believe people are really decent and full of goodwill and they would like to do the right thing, but of course, most of the time we can't," he said Monday on "CBS This Morning."

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In Child's 20th Reacher series book, "Make Me," Reacher returns, but this time he's more vulnerable and it's not as clear how the mystery will unravel.

"Reacher always wins but he likes to make sure the other guy knows he's lost and this time it's too big," Child said. "He can win the battle but he can't win the war."

Child's books have been published in 97 countries, in 42 languages and over 100 million copies have been sold worldwide.

In 2012, Tom Cruise brought the ex-military investigator to the big screen.

Child said the next film is set for an October 2016 release and even though Reacher is his brainchild, he doesn't interfere when it comes to the movie.

"I believe that I write the books, they make the movies," Child said. "I think then (actors) relax and then you actually get a better product, because they're not interrupted; they're not thinking about what I want."

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