Latest Amazon Kindle app wiped out iOS libraries

While the original mess is over, earlier today Amazon warned Kindle users of an identified glitch in their own 3.6.1 update. If installed, the glitch could have diminished a user's library, gotten rid of bookmarks or removed all the content from the device completely.

The iOS app itself impacts every user who utilizes the Kindle technology on an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The manufacturer posted a message on the 3.6.1 update in iTunes, cautioning users not to download the information to their app as there was a problem with the update. It has since been taken down: "There is a known issue with this update. If you are an existing Kindle for iOS user, we recommend you do not install this update at this time."

The new update, 3.6.2 is listed as including "fix for registration issues" and "various bug and security fixes." As per the previous update, it will allow the user to share on social media when they finish a book, review a book, and use multi-colored highlights in the text of a book.

Installing this app, while annoying, would not have completely gotten rid of everything purchased for your device. Since all materials purchased for a Kindle are stored in cloud technology, the purchased items themselves would have been available to the reader as soon as they re-logged into their app.