Las Vegas shooting: Video shows inside Stephen Paddock's hotel room

Last Updated Oct 3, 2017 4:17 PM EDT

Video footage obtained by CBS News on Tuesday shows where Las Vegas police officers breached a hotel room after a gunman rained down a hail of bullets on an outdoor concert, killing 58 people in the nation's worst mass shooting in modern history.

The footage shows one of the guns in shooter Stephen Paddock's cache propped up on a bipod and resting on the floor next to a yellow sign with the number 19.

Authorities said they found 23 guns in the room at the Mandalay Bay hotel casino and 19 more at the home of Paddock, 64, about 80 miles away in Mesquite, Nevada.

In front of the gun in the footage is a bullet-riddled door removed from the frame and resting on its side behind crisscrossing crime scene tape.

A Las Vegas SWAT team stormed Paddock's room Sunday night and found the gunman dead inside.

Debris, an exit sign and a room's "do not disturb" sign littered the floor outside the room on the 32nd floor of the hotel on the Vegas Strip. A room service cart was parked outside a neighboring room.

On Monday, a man who stayed in the same room as Paddock in 2016 posted a video tour of the room to Facebook.

In the video, Jeff Bridges of North Carolina shows the view that Paddock had on Sunday night above the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Do you want to see what the view was from Mandalay Bay? Andrea and I stayed in that EXACT same room last year on the 32nd floor! Room 32-135! The video ironically ends with a view down on the concert area. Again, we would like to send our thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted by this tragedy! 🙏🏻#LasVegas #PrayingForVegas

Posted by Jeff Bridges on Monday, October 2, 2017