Did Michigan State ignore sexual abuse claims against Larry Nassar?

A new report says Michigan State University ignored multiple warnings of alleged abuse by former physician Larry Nassar. The Detroit News states eight women reported abuse claims and the university president was notified of at least one. 

More than 150 lawsuits have been filed against Nassar, and many women are suing his former employers, USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University, for failing to stop the abuse, reports CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan. 

The former team doctor for USA women's gymnastics got his start at Michigan State University. The Detroit News reports how the university "missed multiple opportunities over two decades to stop Nassar."

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At least eight women reported his abuse, and the report says no fewer than 14 university representatives including "athletic trainers, assistant coaches, a university police detective and an official who is now MSU's assistant general counsel" were notified.

University president Lou Anna Simon, who has led MSU since 2005, was confronted in the courtroom.

"The focus of the attention should be on the people who are telling their story and not on me or Michigan State," Simon told reporters. 

"This has been a distraction for over 20 years now so that means absolutely nothing to us, just so you know," one victim standing near Simon said. 

To date, the university has received more than 100 complaints about Nassar's misconduct. One from Amanda Thomashow reached Simon's desk.

"Michigan State University, the school I loved and trusted, had the audacity to tell me that I did not understand the difference between sexual assault and a medical procedure," Thomashow said in court.

MSU told CBS News: "Any suggestion that the university covered up Nassar's horrific conduct is simply false."

"It's the largest sexual assault case in sports history," said attorney John Manly, who represents more than 100 victims. "People either ignore the signs or are willfully ignorant."

University president Simon told the Detroit News that she was informed that a doctor was under investigation but never received a copy of that report. Neither Michigan State University or USA Gymnastics has been under public investigation by police.  

Women who say they were sexually abused by Larry Nassar painstakingly explained the impact he had on their lives.

"I thought you were fixing me, but I realized you broke me," Jenelle Moul said.

"I was molested, shamed and removed of my dignity," Jennifer Hayes said.

"I pray that you are tormented by the very memory of the words spoken to you by all of us brave women standing here today," Jeanette Antolin said.

More victims of the former USA women's gymnastics team doctor are giving statements Thursday in a Michigan courtroom.