Louisiana movie theater gunman had destructive past

WASHINGTON -- Authorities have identified John Houser, 59, as the gunman behind Thursday's shooting inside a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater. Police say Houser killed two women and wounded nine others before turning the gun on himself.

Online postings over the last several years suggest Houser was angry and frustrated by social changes in the country.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremists, says it uncovered writings where Houser praised Adolf Hitler for "accomplishing far more than any other" and described America as a "failing filth farm."

In January 2014, Houser allegedly encouraged others to "realize the power of the lone wolf." Investigators say the 59-year-old apparently acted alone when he carried out his own attack Thursday night.

No motive is known for why John Russell Houser, 59, shot 11 people at a Louisiana movie theater, killing two women, before killing himself. CBS News

There were other warnings. In 2008, his family filed a petition for a protective order in Carroll County, Georgia. It cited Houser's "history of mental health issues....manic depression and/or bi-polar disorder."

His wife Kellie told police "she had removed all of the guns from their house," and that "he should not have one unless he obtained it illegally."

Also in 2008, Houser was involuntarily committed to a hospital. It is unclear when he was released.

The trashed inside of John Houser's foreclosed home Dan Ramsel

In 2014, Houser lost his home to foreclosure. The home's current resident -- Dan Ramsel -- says Houser trashed the place.

"He had booby-trapped it, disconnected the fireplace inside with the gas line," said Ramsel. "He poured cement down all the drains and toilets. He threw feces everywhere. He booby trapped the vents and he set the gas line on fire."

Investigators revealed that Houser legally purchased the handgun used in the shooting last year in an Alabama pawn shop. In 2006, he had been denied a permit in Alabama to carry a concealed weapon.