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Kristin Cavallari on kissing and Valentine's Day as a new mom

Kristin Cavallari plans to have a low-key Valentine's Day this year: She'll be spending it at home with her fiance, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and their son, Camden.

"I love cooking dinner, so I'll probably cook a really good dinner. We'll have a romantic, easy evening at home when Cam goes to bed," the 26-year-old new mom said. "Being a new parent -- that sounds perfect. Not traveling anywhere. Being at home and having something very simple and sweet."

And there will likely be some kissing involved, too.

"I think having a baby, you don't have time to lay around and make out all day," the former "Laguna Beach" star said. "So I'm sure it's gone away a little bit. But it is important to make time for that stuff -- and we have."

Cavallari was recently on hand for a special "Kiss and Tell" event in Chicago hosted by Gillette that encouraged couples to smooch in public.

Kristin Cavallari joins Gillette's 15-city Kiss & Tell Live National Experiment, asking women whether a kiss with stubble or smooth shaven skin is better at Pioneer Court on Jan. 28, 2013, in Chicago. Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Gillette

Gillette points out that 66 percent of women surveyed have said they avoided kissing a guy because he had facial hair. So, the razor-maker took people to task with a "social experiment," polling Americans about which kiss is best: one with stubble or one smooth-shaven skin. The findings reveal that 85 percent of women surveyed prefer a smooth-shaven man.

As for Cavallari she said, "I prefer kissing a no-stubble face, but I like looking at stubble." Hope Cutler is reading this.

Cutler, 29, proposed to Cavallari via text in April 2011. "I was in the airport, leaving Chicago," Cavallari recently told E! News. "We had just spent however many days together and we were texting and somehow it came up, like, 'Oh, shall we get married?' We're like, 'Yeah, OK,'"

When asked about her wedding plans, Cavallari revealed to, "We're talking about it. We've been trying to decide between getting married and having another baby. We'll see."

In the mean time, the fashion designer, who gave birth last August, is focused on motherhood.

"It's been amazing," she said. "Cam is such a sweet little boy. He's a really easy baby and we've just been having so much fun with him...I really set myself up for it to be exactly what it is. I knew it was going to be hard work, but I knew it would be incredibly rewarding, which it absolutely is. You realize that you have to be completely selfless. It's no longer about you. Your world revolved around the baby. It's the most amazing thing in the world."

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