Korn Carries On

Members of Korn pose for an undated publicity photo.
Chapman Baehler
The ShowBuzz's Judy Faber researched and wrote this story.

Life hasn't been exactly peachy for Jonathan Davis of Korn this summer.

In June, he was diagnosed with a blood defect and had to cancel some concert dates in Europe. Then at the end of July, a fan died at one of the band's shows, after allegedly being punched by another fan.

Davis told that he felt terrible about the incident.

"It's a horrible, horrible crime," he said. "These guys just went off on this poor kid, tried to beat him up. Unfortunately by hitting him, they caused some brain damage and he ended up being brain dead and dying."

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, authorities arrested a 24-year-old local man who allegedly punched 30-year-old Andy Richardson.

"All I can do is send my condolences to the family," said Davis. "We were really, really ripped up about it and can't believe that people would do that to each other. I hope these people get caught and get punished for what they did."

Early reports had said the fight happened in the mosh pit, an impromptu gathering of fans dancing and jumping around near the front of the stage, but Davis said that turned out not to be true.

In fact, Davis said that what looks like chaotic pushing and shoving in the mosh pit is actually quite orderly.

"For the majority of all our shows, people do get along with other people moshing and stuff," said Davis. "They like to push people around and bang into each other, but when someone falls down and stuff, they pick them up. There's, like, etiquette in the mosh pit. They're not out there to get hurt; they're just trying to have fun."