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Kirk Cameron targeted by former child stars in new "Funny or Die" video

(CBS News) Former childhood stars are rallying against Kirk Cameron in a new "Funny or Die" video, taking aim at his controversial remarks on homosexuality.

The groups calls itself "CCOKC," or "Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron."

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The two-minute clip stars Kenn Michael ("The Parent 'Hood"), Maureen Flannigan ("Out of This World"), Brice Beckham ("Mr. Belvedere"), Jeremy Licht ("The Hogan Family"), Christine Lakin ("Step by Step"), Josie Davis ("Charles in Charge") and Keith Coogan ("Adventures in Babysitting").

Lakin says, "Kirk claimed that homosexuality is 'detrimental and ultimately destructive to the foundations of civilization.'" And for that reason, they don't want to be associated with the former "Growing Pains" star.

"We've met Kirk and he's a very pleasant guy," the childhood actors of the '80s and 90s say in the video. "The problem is he's one of us and he should know better ... As child actors, we grew up around gay people. They were our wardrobe stylists, our hair stylists -- I'm sure they did other things, too, but mainly they were stylists."

They challenge Cameron to "name one thing homosexuals have done to hurt him, his community or civilization as a whole."

Cameron previously clarified his statements during a visit to the "Today" show.

"I love all people," he said. "I hate no one, and you know, when you take a subject and you reduce it to something like a four-second sound bite and a check mark on a ballot, I think that that's inappropriate and insensitive."

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