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King Of The North

(CBS/Daniel Sieberg)
Hard to believe it's been exactly a year since I traveled to the Arctic with our CBS crew – myself, producer Chloe Arensberg and cameraman Mark LaGanga. For those who remember our blog postings, you might also recall another passenger onboard that journey: my father, Doug. To mark the one-year anniversary, I'm posting a that encompasses both our time onboard the ship and some of my father's history in the Arctic.

Special Report: Journey To The Arctic

He's been traveling to that remote region of the world for nearly 30 years, and he's just now about to officially retire. He's seen climate change and warming trends firsthand (of note: scientists recently predicted the North Pole could be ice-free this summer), as well as plenty of adventure from curious polar bears to skinny dipping in the frigid ocean. True story – and photos to prove it are in the video! A huge thank you to CBS editor David Franklin who stitched this together, and to my summer intern Michelle Boniface for helping track down some of the footage. I hope you enjoy. Happy belated Canada Day and happy July 4 to all!
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