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Kim Kardashian West robbed at gunpoint in Paris

LOS ANGELES -- A spokeswoman for Kim Kardashian West says she was held up at gunpoint inside her luxury Paris hotel room Sunday night by two armed, masked men dressed as police officers.

The representative said the reality TV star is “badly shaken but physically unharmed.”

She offered no other details. 

French Judicial sources confirmed to CBS Radio News correspondent Elaine Cobbe that five individuals disguised as police officers went to the building where Kardashian West was staying, and two of them gained access to her apartment and robbed her.

Cobbe says it’s estimated the thieves escaped with, at least, one ring worth in the region of $4 million and a jewelry box containing another $6 million worth of items. It was not immediately clear how much of the jewelry belonged to Kardashian West, and how much might have been on loan to the reality TV star for Paris Fashion Week.

She was in Paris for fashion week, and had attended the Givenchy show Sunday evening.  

A police source told the Reuters news agency separately that there were five suspects involved in the robbery, and that they escaped with jewelry worth “several million dollars.”

Paris police said an investigation was underway into the incident at the luxury rental property.

Cobbe says French media were reporting that Kardashian West was tied up, along with a concierge, during the robbery. 

Police sources told The Associated Press the band of five robbers escaped on bikes.

Cobbe says police sources confirmed that Kardashian West left France on Monday after being interviewed by investigators.

Ann Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, condemned the attack on the culture superstar in a tweet Monday morning, adding that Kardashian West would always be welcome back to the city, which she insisted was safe for tourists of all stripes.

Kanye West was performing in New York at the time of the incident. He abruptly ended his show at the Meadows Festival Sunday night after telling his fans he had to stop the show due to a family emergency. The couple has two children together. 

Several videos posted to Twitter showed West suddenly ending the show. 

“I’m sorry there’s a family emergency I have to stop the show,” West said quickly, before the lights went out on stage. 

Kardashian West was also ambushed last week by a serial celebrity accoster who attempted to assault her as she was entering a restaurant.

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