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Get to know the recipients of the 2018 Kennedy Center Honors

This year's Kennedy Center Honors celebrate the lifetime achievements of Cher, composer Philip Glass, country music star Reba McEntire and jazz icon Wayne Shorter. The Kennedy Center also presented a new award to the co-creators of "Hamilton," calling them trailblazing creators of a transformative work. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and starred in the musical, told Vladimir Duthiers of CBSN, "Who even thought this was in the realm of possibility? The fact that they're honoring our collective work means the world." 

Glass told Duthiers of the big night, "I get to meet all of the other honorees — that's the most interesting part." 

The event took place at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 2 and airs tonight on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.  CBSN previewed the broadcast with highlights from the honorees' recent interviews.

Host Gloria Estefan — who was one of the 2017 honorees — said she was excited for the ceremony. "Having been there last year, I know how emotional they're going to get. I know how beautiful the ceremony is. I know what a great show it's going to be and for me, it's lovely to be hosting. I'm enjoying every minute," she said. 

Cher spoke with Gayle King of "CBS This Morning" and said that she's actually shy in her private life.

"When I'm working, I'm a different person," said the diva. "I don't like going up to strangers. I don't like going into restaurants, but when I'm working I'm just another person. I'm this person who gets to be free. Cher on stage has no boundaries. When I go on stage, I have to go from my height to like, 15 feet tall." 

Cher also talked about her relationship with Sonny Bono, and how she feels about aging. 

"I feel older than 40," she allowed. "Sometimes I feel really young and sometimes I feel — I don't know if I feel 72, because I'm not quite sure what that is. My mom says if you don't pay any attention to age, age won't pay any attention to you. I always say, 'Mom, that's bulls**t.'" 

Meanwhile, the team behind "Hamilton" talked about the origins of their hit Broadway show. The "In the Heights" alumni teamed up for "Hamilton" after Miranda began dreaming up the revolutionary musical. 

"For the first few years, it was just happening in my head on vacations and it was like the ghost of Hamilton would be like, 'Hey, write a song for King George,' which got written on my honeymoon," said Miranda. 

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