Keep Firefox in Sync Across All PCs and Devices

Last Updated Jun 1, 2010 4:20 PM EDT

Good news, Firefox users: Mozilla's Firefox Sync keeps your bookmarks, passwords, and more in sync between your desktop, laptop, netbook, and anything else that runs Firefox.

Now, as any regular Business Hacks reader knows, we've long relied on Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) for this task. And I'd say if you're already using that fantastic tool, stick with it.

On the other hand, Firefox Sync does bring a few extras to the table. In addition to bookmarks and passwords, it syncs your history, preferences, and even open tabs -- three things Xmarks doesn't touch.

Alas, Firefox Sync doesn't do the one thing I really hoped it would: sync your add-ons. Xmarks doesn't either, but I figured Mozilla would take the lead on that. Furthermore, Firefox Sync doesn't let you access your bookmarks on the Web as Xmarks does -- a nice plus for smartphone users who want browser-powered access to their favorites.

If you're a Firefox user, I can't recommend bookmark syncing highly enough. The only question is whether you should use Firefox Sync or Xmarks. Personally, I'm still partial to the latter (which, incidentally, can also sync with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari).

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