Katie's "Ode to Larry King"


Larry King concluded his show at CNN Thursday night. 

An all-star lineup of his favorite guests from over the years appeared to bid him farewell.

Bill Maher and Ryan Seacrest sat with King in the studio.

New anchors Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams appeared.

Sawyer presented King with suspenders, while Couric shared a poem on the air.

The text of the poem is below. Scroll down to watch a clip.


So Larry, I've decided to write you a poem,

Bemoaning the fact that you're leaving your home.

What are we to do without our top talker?

Here's an ode filled with love...from me and Ms. Walker.

As you hang up your suspenders on your dressing room door,

I speak for us all when I say...we want more.

More of the show that we instantly loved,

For 25 years couldn't get enough of!

Your unique take on politics, culture and crime,

Never cutting off guests, always giving them time.

You made NAFTA exciting...and that's hard to do.

And you scored Paris Hilton's post-jail interview.

Sinatra, George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, Bacall.

So many stars I just can't name them all.

From Heather Mills' leg to Ross Perot's twang,

You always cajole, not harass or harangue.

But there were moments when your guests had a cow.

Seinfeld wasn't canceled, but you know that by now.

Mike Tyson KO'd without throwing a punch.

And you got Miss California's sash in a bunch.

You went Gaga for Gaga...Sharon Stone, Janet Jackson.

Alas, it was Brando who gave you some action.

Eight presidents joined you, from Nixon to Obama.

And you brought us each moment of OJ's long drama.

Some startling shows I will never forget.

Tammy Faye's eyes, Ted Haggard's regret.

Your guests made us cry, made us laugh, made us think.

Wynonna Judd told you about a God Wink.

I hadn't heard that before, so I looked the phrase up,

It's a miracle, blessing, an overfilled cup.

That's what you are...and as old blue eyes might say...

The best IS yet to come...Larry...you did it your way.