@katiecouric: Bottled Water Or Tap?

CAROUSEL - bottled water
Bottled or tap? iStockphoto

Joe Doss, CEO of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and Stephanie Soechtig, Director and Producer of "Tapped, the Movie," will join @katiecouric today for a special look at the bottled water industry. While the industry has experienced rapid growth, so too has the debate: Has the commoditization of one of Earth's most precious resources spiraled out of control?

What is the impact of bottled water on the environment? Does the FDA have the bandwidth to oversee the billion-dollar industry? What is the risk consumers face from chemicals used in bottled plastic? On the flip side, what are the rights and responsibilities of the consumer? If most of the bottles can be recycled, why do so many end up in the trash?

Post your questions for our guests in the comments section, on Katie's Facebook page or via Twitter (use the hash tags #KCh20). We'll try to answer them and will post the video Tuesday at noon!