Katie Does Letterman, Part II

Okay. I'm back!!!

Holy cow. They pre-interviewed me for about 40 minutes – and the interview must have lasted six or seven minutes, max. Who knew? Thank God I brought some sign-offs!

Dave and I talked about being at CBS after working at "another network" (something we have in common!) and we kicked around a couple of the 50,000 sign-off ideas that people had sent me. He seemed to really like "I'm Katie Couric and I'm not just for breakfast anymore." We also talked about the wonders of "Photoshop," and how they had miraculously made me thinner in some publicity pictures. Turns out, Dave had a similar experience – and showed us the results. (If I thought I needed a glass of wine BEFORE the interview, I really needed one after seeing THAT!!)

After all the anxiety and excitement and pre-interviewing, the whole thing was over in what seemed like a nanosecond, and it was all pretty painless. (Almost like some medical procedures…but not quite…) The audience seemed pretty responsive – they actually clapped when I came out, which was a good sign! – but when you look out at the sea of faces, you really can't see anything. It was fun for me to see Biff, who worked with me at NBC, and Paul Schaeffer, and some of the other folks behind the scenes that I hadn't seen in ages. (Speaking of Paul: I fancy myself something of a music aficionado, but I was embarrassed that I didn't recognize the Ray Charles song -- which sounded like something more fitting for the gyrations of Gypsy Rose Lee!!)

Anyway, gotta get back to work! We have this little news show we need to get on the air tonight, and Rome Hartman is already yelling at me about some changes he wants to make in the lineup…

Till later…true that, peeps!

UPDATE: You can check out part of the Letterman chat in the monitor thingy right here on the left. - Ed.