Katie Couric's Notebook: U.S. Infrastructure

The massive stimulus bill before the Senate has an eye-popping price tag: more than $800 billion – and it could get bigger. But that's nothing compared to what one group says we really need.

The American Society of Civil Engineers concludes fixing crumbling roads, bridges, schools and mass transit systems – something the stimulus bill is supposed to do - will actually cost more than $2 trillion.

Now, nobody expects this package to repair every pothole, but our interstate system was built when Eisenhower was president. Many highways weren't designed for the traffic they carry now and are showing their age.

The engineers' report card gives our infrastructure a "D." After years of sporadic investment, we'll soon be throwing a lot more money at rebuilding projects. With all the questions over where the first batch of bailout cash went, let's make sure we spend it wisely.