Katie Couric's Notebook: Olympic Unity

The Olympic Truce is an ideal dating back to the 9th century B.C. It calls for a cease-fire during the Olympic Games to allow athletes and spectators to travel safely to an Olympic venue. The International Olympic Committee revived it in 1992 for the Barcelona games.

On Friday night, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremonies in Beijing as the Russians opened fire in a region of neighboring Georgia.

Georgia is a strong ally of the United States.
It has been the third-largest contributor of troops to the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq, and a key nation for the safe transport of oil. Simply put, big troubles could come from this small conflict.

As the battle raged, a Russian woman and a Georgian woman embraced on a podium in Beijing, having won the silver and the bronze in air pistol shooting.

It was an Olympic truce of sorts, if not quite the ideal.