Katie Couric's Notebook: July 4

Boy, you think you know somebody, and then you Google them and all bets are off.

Like Betsy Ross. I was sure I had that story down - a simple seamstress who impressed George Washington by forming a five-point star with just one scissor snip and then sewed the first U.S. flag.

It turns out there was nothing simple about her, including her story.

She was a businesswoman, an upholsterer by trade, so she did know a thing or two about fabric. She was married and widowed three times, and owned and managed land - and her household - as a single mom for many years.

But despite the story her grandson told about the scissors, the stars and the stripes, there really is no evidence to prove she either designed or made that first flag.

That said, the true story is even more exciting. A working mom with a brain for business. Betsy Ross did have it all sewn up.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.