Katie Couric's Notebook: Cane Fu

Katie's on assignment.

President Teddy Roosevelt had a motto: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

As USA Today reports, some senior citizens are taking that advice to heart.

More than 3,500 of them across the country are studying Cane Fu. They're learning to use their canes as weapons for self defense through an association called Cane Masters International.

We've all seen those terrifying stories on the news - an elderly man or woman hit or pushed by a cowardly robber. Well, seniors are disproportionately the targets of thieves, and about 90 percent of attacks against them involve property crime.

Hopefully the people studying Cane Fu won't ever have to use it, and will practice proper techniques so they don't get injured.

But for that extra bit of confidence it may bring, there's nothing wrong with learning how to protect yourself.

That cane could give you a greater handle - on your safety.

I'm Michelle Miller, CBS News.

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