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Kan. Lawmaker Apologizes for "RedNeck Rap"

A Kansas lawmaker says he's sorry if he offended anyone by criticizing President Obama while wearing a cap that calls opossum "the other dark meat."

Rep. Bill Otto said during a meeting with the NAACP on Saturday that he had "absolutely no thought of anything racial" in his online video, "RedNeck Rap."

But he's standing by his rhymes. Among other things, he criticizes bringing Guantanamo Bay prisoners to the U.S. and the economic bailouts.

The Republican from Leroy says his cap refers to his roots and "The Beverly Hillbillies" television family that dined on opossum. He says the message is that anyone can see Congress' failings.

The NAACP demanded an apology after the video was posted in September. In a sequel, Otto offers some praise to Mr. Obama.

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