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K-Fed Looks For The Ladies At Chicago Show

Chicago Tribune entertainment columnist Terry Armour was among the "lucky" guests who got to see Kevin Federline perform at the House of Blues in Chicago Wednesday night — the day after the rapper's wife, Britney Spears, filed for divorce.

"It's very surreal to a certain extent," Armour told The Showbuzz, describing the atmosphere at the show. "It's almost like you and everyone else in the room is there watching a train wreck."

Ticket sales were slow for the event, so House of Blues ended up giving them away for free.

"I just don't get the K-Fed phenomenon," he said. "They gave away all these free tickets, and I really think that a lot of people snapped up the tickets because some of them just wanted to see what the K-Fed thing was about."

So how was the show? "He mumbled some stuff and pranced around the stage for about 45 minutes," said Armour.

The crowd actually reacted quite well, chanting "K-Fed, K-Fed" before he came out.

"At first I thought a lot of it was sarcastic, but they really were cheering him to come out on stage."

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Some "haters" did show up, though.

"There were some people there with some signs that were unflattering of Kevin," said Armour. "But I think on the whole, most of the people were there because they either were fans of his — or at least fans of Britney Spears."

Armour said he didn't hear K-Fed talk about Britney directly, because he was on deadline and "thankfully I was able to leave after three songs."

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But, People magazine reported that Federline let the females in the crowd know he's now on the prowl

"Hey, I see a lot of fine ladies in here," Federline said. "You know I'm a free man, right, ladies? You wanna dance with a pimp?"

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By Judy Faber