Kevin Federline Wants The Kids, And Cash

Kevin Federline looks upset Nov. 6, 2006 after receiving a series of text messages the night before his wife Britney Spears filed for divorce. Federline was at dinner, taping a scene for the reality show "Exposed" on Canada's MuchMusic.
Kevin Federline plans to fight Britney Spears for custody of their children.

Federline's lawyers have filed a response to Spears' divorce petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Federline is asking for sole custody of their two sons, one-year-old Sean Preston and two-month-old Jayden James. He's also asking for spousal support.

Michael Sands, a spokesman for Federline's lawyer, says Federline is prepared to go the distance to protect his children and will not be intimidated in pursuing those goals.

This week hasn't exactly been the best week ever for Federline.

On Tuesday, his wife Britney Spears filed for divorce. To add insult to injury, he may have gotten the news via text message the day before. Then on Wednesday, it was reported that first-week sales on his debut album, "Playing With Fire," are dismal.

Everything seemed to be going well Monday as K-Fed kicked off the week with a visit to Toronto.

The aspiring rapper spent the entire day being followed by cameras from the MuchMusic reality television show "Exposed."

His schedule included shopping, a little golf and a live performance on the channel's "MuchOnDemand" video countdown show, followed by a nice steak dinner.

"He seemed really excited that the performance went really well," MuchMusic supervising producer Jason Ford told The Showbuzz. "During the afternoon he was talking about Britney quite openly. He said that the relationship was really great and that they were going to take over the world."

During dinner, however, something was terribly wrong.

"Around 8:30, he started receiving messages on his Sidekick; he seemed a little distracted. Then he asked for us to stop shooting, take off the microphone and have a break … when he came back he was visibly distracted and it seemed like there was a lot on his mind."

There was no indication who the messages were from, or what they contained. But, Ford said K-Fed was able to pull himself together and finish filming.

"He was very professional and just kept going and finished the show for us," said Ford.

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The next day, Spears filed for divorce.

The final blow came Wednesday, the day record sales for the past week are announced. Federline's "Playing With Fire," which debuted on Oct. 31, barely generated a spark.

Lenny Beer, editor in chief of the music industry Web site Hits Daily Double, told The Showbuzz that first-week sales for the album hovered around a paltry 6,000 copies.

"Who would want to live in a world where both Reese & Ryan and now Britney & Kevin can't just get along?" quipped Beers, underscoring the larger tragedy at hand.