Justin Bieber trial on DUI, other charges delayed until July

Justin Bieber is shown in a photograph taken by Miami Beach, Fla., police following his arrest on Jan. 23, 2014. 
Miami Beach police/CBS Miami

A South Florida judge has delayed Justin Bieber's trial on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license until July.

Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield on Wednesday granted a motion for a postponement sought by the pop star's lawyers. His attorney Roy Black said more time was needed to examine evidence and make decisions about how to proceed.

The trial was delayed from May 5 to July 7.

Bieber, 20, was arrested Jan. 23 in Miami Beach after what police described as an illegal street drag race. He wasn't charged with drag racing.

Alcohol breath tests found Bieber's level below the 0.02 limit for underage drivers. Urine tests showed the presence of marijuana and an anti-anxiety drug in his system.

Bieber, who is currently in Japan, apologized Wednesday to those he offended by visiting a Tokyo war shrine, saying he was misled to see it as only a place of prayer.