Just what the world needs, an Angry Birds cookbook

Angry Birds screenshot

(CBS) - You've been playing the addictive game for months now. (It's borderline sad, really.) And thanks to you and other loyal fans, the Angry Birds franchise is growing.

At first, the game was only available on iPhones, but now you can now download it on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. There are also Angry Birds-branded apparel and toys if you're interested. Rovio, the Finland-based company that created the Bird phenomenon, has sold 1 million T-shirts, as a matter of fact.

So what's next for the growing Angry Birds empire? An Angry Birds cookbook!

"An announcement during a presentation at the Open Mobile Summit in London revealed that the developer has been in discussion with Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble about distribution of the book," reports Gather.

What will you learn to concoct using the Angry Birds cookbook? Egg dishes, duh!

Aside from the book, Rovio also has plans to break into a series.

Angry Birds maker Peter Vesterbacka told reporters, "We're getting serious about animation - already produced a series of animated shorts. We're going to make more of those. We're going to make longer animations. And who knows, one day we're going to make a movie."

  • Ysolt Usigan

    Ysolt Usigan is the editor of lifestyle and technology for women at CBSNews.com