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Joss Stone To Be The Next "Bond Girl"

Joss Stone To Be The Next "Bond Girl"
Joss Stone on The Early Show. (CBS) CBS

NEW YORK (CBS) Joss Stone is set to be the next "Bond girl" not in movies, but in video games.

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The British songstress' likeness and voice will appear alongside actors Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Judi Dench (M), who reprise their movie roles for the upcoming "James Bond 007: Blood Stone" video game from Activision.

According to, Stone, 23, is also providing an exclusive original song "I'll Take It All," which she wrote and performed with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame.

Earlier this month, the major motion picture tentatively known as "Bond 23" -- the 23rd in the franchise -- was canceled indefinitely amid a "debt crisis"with cash-strapped Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Director Sam Mendes was scheduled to direct the film, but production company Eon says the film is on hold and unlikely to make its 2012 release date.

A release date for the video game has not yet been confirmed.

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