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Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rallies: No Permit Issued Yet

The minute Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced that they would be hosting a pair of rallies on Washington's National Mall on October 30th, fans of "truthiness" across America started marking their calendars.

But members of the Colbert Nation shouldn't start heading to Washington just yet.

The National Park Service, who must approve any such event on mall, says nothing is set in stone.

"The National Park Service is neither saying that it will happen nor are we saying that it won't happen," said a park service official. "All that has happened is that three organizations that represent John Stewart and Stephen Colbert have applied for a permit to hold a rally."

The groups on the application -- Minassian Media, Chris Wayne and Associates, and Comedy Central -- have applied to hold the event on the north half of the Washington monument grounds, closest to Constitution Avenue.

"These three groups, have listed on their permit applications that they will generate 25,000 people for their event," said the official, emphasizing that that is the groups' estimate and that number is in no way associated with The National Park Service.

The Park Service said there is no set timeline for how long it takes an application to be processed because the process is unique to each event, but that the decision would be made likely be made sometime before September 30th.

"These three groups cannot hold this event until they have a finalized permit in their hands and all they have done at this point is filed an application for a permit," the official said.

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