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Jon Stewart impersonates Donald Trump on "Late Show"

Jon Stewart has a new hairstyle.

The comedian sported a blond combover during a surprise appearance Thursday on the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

The former "Daily Show" host made a surprise appearance during Colbert's monologue to talk about the Zadroga Act. Stewart has been advocating tirelessly for extending the Zadroga Act, which provided healthcare to first responders who were ill from working during the 9/11 terror attacks. Stewart even returned to "The Daily Show" to deliver his message.

This time, he enlisted Colbert to help him reach more people. However, the "Late Show" host had some advice for Stewart on how to get more people to take him seriously.

"No one's going to listen to you until you Trump it up a little bit," he told Stewart.

He decided to give Stewart a hand, and passed him a blond combover wig. As Stewart started to speak again, Colbert stopped him once again, to smear on some Cheeto powder as self-tanner.

"Bring da Trump!" he advised.

Finally, Stewart began to wave his arms around and speak in a loud and husky voice, a la Trump.

"These 9/11 first responders are the most top-notch, first-class, diamond-encrusted heroes America can produce," he shouted as he threw his arms into the air, filled with Trump's signature bravado. "Don't let Congress play politics with this necessary bill. If I am elected -- and I will be elected -- I will build a wall around politics and I will make politics pay for it."

Stewart gave the House an ultimatum: "Pass the Zadroga Act or I will glue Congress together, dip them in gold, and wear them around my friggin' neck."

Stewart clearly wants to make America great again.