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John McAfee's bizarre video includes drugs, guns and women

John McAfee wants people to know that he has nothing to do with the software company that bears his name. And he's doing it with a bizarre video full of profanity, drugs, guns and scantily-clad women.

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The eccentric millionaire posted a video on YouTube called "How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus," in which he complains that he is still associated with the company he founded in 1987.

"I've had nothing to do with this company for over 15 years," McAfee said in the video, before reading explicit letters, filled with complaints about the antivirus software. McAfee demonstrates an embellishment of his eccentric lifestyle by appearing to snort bath salts and shooting guns at a computer, while surrounded by minimally-dressed women.

According to Reuters, McAfee says he made the video to "mock the media's unfair portrayal of him as a mad man." He claims that he really does get harassed by McAfee customers.

A spokesperson for McAfee Inc. did not say if the company would take legal action against McAfee and told "While we take any attack on our products seriously, these ludicrous statements have no basis in reality. We continue to focus on what matters -- our customers."

McAfee's outlandish behavior came under scrutiny when he became a person of interest in a murder case in Belize last year. The millionaire went into hiding and was later discovered in Guatemala, before getting deported to Miami.

According to The Oregonian, McAfee has been in Portland since January to collaborate with a local illustrator on a graphic nonfiction book about his life in Belize.