John Legend's Music Evolves

John Legend made a splash four years ago with his debut album "Get Lifted," which earned him three Grammy Awards and now he is releasing his highly anticipated new CD, "Evolver."

"Four years ago in December when I came with my first album," Legend told Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith."It has flown by. I haven't stopped working the whole time."

Legend hasn't slowed down since his last album "Get Lifted," which peaked at # 4 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. It was also America's top R&B/Hip-Hop album in January 2005.

Making memorable music isn't a spontaneous thing for Legend, instead it has to be planned and focused.

"I go to the studio, that's the best place for me to go. It's like an assignment. You go to work and feel like you focus there. That's when you get your most work done. I can't just expect it to come as an inspiration randomly," he said.

The new album, "Evolver" is the product of many influences, giving Legend a fresh new sound.

"It has a new sound, it's different from what I've done before. The last time it was really kind of more organic and romantic and intimate. This is more upbeat and more electronic. This has a different feel to it," Legend explained.

Legend has also collaborated with OutKast's Andre 3000, Kanye West, British singer/rapper Estelle on his new album, "and Harry Smith on background vocals," Legend joked.