John Edwards Sex Tape: Judge Orders Security to Take Video from Former Aide Andrew Young

(AP Photo/The National Enquirer)
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RALEIGH, N.C. (CBS/AP) John Edwards' sex tape — you know, the one that the two-time presidential candidate purportedly made with mistress Rielle Hunter — will now be retrieved with the help of a security officer, a judge's order declared Monday, increasing the court's control of the disputed sordid video.

Photo: John Edwards and Rielle Hunter in a Dec. 27, 2006 photo from the National Enquirer.

Superior Court Judge Abraham Penn Jones said that the Orange County, N.C. sheriff has appointed a security firm to help recover the alleged x-rated video and other items.

Photo: John Edwards and wife Elizabeth Edwards in 2007.

Former Edwards loyalist Andrew Young, who revealed the existence of the blue film in his recent book, "The Politician," said he has the original tape and copies stored in an Atlanta safety deposit box.

Hunter sued Young for invasion of privacy and sought the return of what she deemed a "very private and personal" video.

A judge agreed with her, found Young in contempt of court last week, and Monday ordered Young to "take the Officer with him into the vault to obtain the lock box…The Officer is to secure all items contained in the lock box in bags as is customary for evidence collection."

Photo: Rielle Hunter and daughter Aug. 6, 2009.

The officer is also to get a copy of the lock box access log, according to Jones' order. The officer also will accompany Young and his wife to their Orange County residence to collect other items, and another security officer has been appointed to copy photos from a laptop and then scrub the photo files from the computer.

Young says he has a tape that shows Edwards in a sexual encounter with a woman he assumes to be Hunter.

Young said in an affidavit, that one copy of the tape had been sent to the FBI.

Young has written a tell-all book describing the affair between Edwards and Hunter and the lengths the presidential hopeful went to, to hide the matter.

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