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Joe Barton Becomes Focus of Tony Hayward Hearing on Capitol Hill

"There were a couple of audible gasps. It was just not what people were expecting. People were not expecting lawmakers to apologize to Tony Hayward of BP."

That was the immediate reaction to Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) apologizing for what he called a "$20 billion shakedown" of BP by the White House, in reference to the compensation fund that was established yesterday, as witnessed by CBS News Capitol Hill Producer Jill Jackson who is covering Hayward's testimony before a House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee.

Jackson spoke with John Dickerson on Monday's "Washington Unplugged" about the relationship between members of Congress like Barton and oil companies.

"We have learned that Congressman Barton had actually taken $27,000 from BP," Jackson reports.

Jackson added, "Is that the reason for his apology? Not necessarily but, of course, people are automatically going to jump to maybe that conclusion."

Dickerson asked Jackson if Barton's reaction outlined a new, broader message from Republicans.

"In this case, taking it as far as he did in actually apologizing to BP he is an outlier," she said. "However, you have many Republicans on the Hill who have been very upset with the president's moratorium on deep water drilling. They also don't necessarily think this is time for more regulation of the oil industry and say that doing so is a jobs killer."

Watch Thursday's "Washington Unplugged" above, which also features's Brian Montopoli on the NRA's deal brokered with House Democrats that protects the influential lobby from a bill that would mandate new disclosure requirements in campaign spending.

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