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Joan Rivers returns to "The Tonight Show" after 26-year ban

Joan Rivers returned to "The Tonight Show" hot seat after being banned from the NBC show for 26 years. Given her crude jokes on Thursday night, will she be asked to return?

"The last time I was on the show, Melissa was in diapers. Now, I'm in diapers," the 80-year-old comedian joked during an interview following her chat with Jimmy Fallon (via Variety).

This would be Rivers' second time on "The Tonight Show" since Fallon took over but her first time being interviewed.

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For those unfamiliar with the story, in 1983, Rivers earned a permanent guest hosting spot onTonight during Johnny Carson's reign. However, after she left in 1986 for her own FOX late-night program, Carson declared the comedian "banned, banned, banned" from ever appearing on the show ever again. Leno honored this condition during his hosting stint.

Though appreciative to finally be asked back, Rivers was anything but reserved. From vagina jokes to her curse words being bleeped, Fallon could only shake his head.

Tell us: What do you think of Rivers' return to "The Tonight Show?"