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JJ Abrams is sad he's not working on next "Star Wars"

How good is the script for the upcoming "Star Wars" sequel, following "The Force Awakens"?

So good that J.J. Abrams is bummed he isn't the one who wrote it.

"The Force Awakens" just hit theaters last week, but there's no doubt fans are already thinking about "Episode VIII." That includes Abrams, who directed and wrote "Episode VII."

His pal, actor Greg Grunberg, who also appears in "The Force Awakens," told the Washington Post that after Abrams got his hands on the script for Episode VIII, he told Grunberg it was "so good" he wishes he had written it.

Grunberg emphasized that Abrams "never, ever says" that.

"I never hear him express regret like that," he added.

Abrams' envy says a lot, considering "The Force Awakens" is smashing box office records and garnering stellar critical reviews.

Abrams is still signed on to help produce "Episode VIII," though, so he'll have a hand in the next film, which will be directed by Rian Johnson, who directed "Looper."