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Jimmy Kimmel ruins Halloween for children all over again

(CBS News) It was about one year ago today that we first featured a diabolical plan by Jimmy Kimmel to ruin Halloween for children here on The Feed, and since then he has been the bane of kids everywhere with a series of similar holiday pranks. Now he honors that very first taste of youthful tears with the very fun and funny follow-up above.  Funny, that is, unless you're a child.

How precious was the one girl fighting back tears while telling her mom that she still loved her?  So, I'm going to go ahead and do all of the kids a favor and translate what that look of anguish on their faces really means: "Do you think this is some sort of joke, Kimmel? You better tell me where my candy is right now or there will be consequences!"

Despite the occasional tears being shed, I will shamefully admit that the amazing follow-up to last year's hilarious prank had this blogger laughing pretty hard all over again. You're a very cruel, but funny man, Jimmy Kimmel. If you'd like to check out more great material from Jimmy Kimmel Live, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.

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