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Jimmy Kimmel proposes a plan to make Trump king

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel went on a rant Tuesday about the president's defense of neo-Nazis and white supremacists and proposed a "plan" on his show to "save" the nation from President Trump.

In his opening monologue "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel said that either the president should be impeached or Americans should do what Mr. Trump would do in this situation: "We negotiate. We make a deal."

"And I know this is going to sound nuts, but I have an idea. So hear me out on this....instead of president, we make Donald Trump king," Kimmel said. "We make him the first king of America."

Jimmy Kimmel's Plan to Save Us from Trump by Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

"Think about it: England has a Queen. She lives in a palace. Everyone makes a big deal when she shows up and she has no power at all. In the morning, they put a crown on her head, and she goes back to bed -- that's it," he said. "That's what we need to do with Donald Trump. We need to set him up in a castle -- maybe in Florida -- lead him to the top and then lock the door to that castle...forever."

Kimmel said that Mr. Trump could sit there watching "Fox and Friends" and chip "golf balls out of the window of his tower."

"There's no way he turns that deal down," he said. "Mike Pence is ready. He's boring. He's relatively sane. He looks like a neighbor you might borrow a lawnmower from."

At the beginning of his monologue, Kimmel told his audience that what was supposed to be a press conference about infrastructure "ended with our president making an angry and passionate defense of white supremacists."

"It's like if your book club meeting turned into a cock fight," he joked.

Kimmel called Mr. Trump "completely unhinged" to the point where "the wheels are off the wagon and hurdling toward the moon right now." He mocked the president for saying during the press conference that he wanted to wait for the facts on Saturday following the terror attack in Charlottesville. Kimmel noted the times that Mr. Trump linked Sen. Ted Cruz's father to Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed President Kennedy, and claiming that President Obama was born in Kenya.

"He's a stickler for facts," joked Kimmel, who then played a few video clips from his press conference including the part when Mr. Trump said the "alt-left" has a "semblance of guilt" for swinging clubs.

"I think we might need an alt-president right now," Kimmel said.

He also played the clip of Mr. Trump describing "very fine people on both sides."

"If you're with a group of people and they're chanting things like, 'Jews will not replace us,' and you don't immediately leave that group, you are not a very fine person." 

Rebecca Shabad

Rebecca Shabad is a video reporter for CBS News Digital.

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