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Jim Gaffigan: Spring arrives for those in lockdown

Spring comes to Jim Gaffigan's quarantine
Spring comes to Jim Gaffigan's quarantine 02:44

Here's some good news: It's springtime, everyone! Winter is finally over!

Flowers are blooming! Baby birds are singing!

Well, that's what I heard. I've been in quarantine for the past three weeks with my wife and five children, but so have many of you. I mean, not with my wife and five children, or with this haircut (thanks, Jeannie).

This year spring, a time for renewal, is also quarantine time for comedian Jim Gaffigan and his wife and five children. CBS News

Of course, where you quarantine can provide a different experience. My brother, Joe, and my sister, Pam, are in quarantine in Chicago in their homes. My brother, Mitch, is in quarantine in Indiana. I have another brother, Mike, in quarantine in Orlando.  (I know, I have a lot of siblings, it's annoying.) My sister, Cathy, is in quarantine in Mesa, Arizona, with her boyfriend. She's been nice enough to send photos of her and her boyfriend enjoying Arizona's weather. 

Me? Me and my family are here in my New York City apartment.

If you've watched the news lately, you know that New York City is the new epicenter. There are more cases in New York City than anywhere else. So, we're number one!

To make things more "interesting," my wife is considered "high risk."  You see, two years ago, my wife had a tumor the size of a pear removed from her brain.  The surgery was a success (thank God), but following that she contracted pneumonia, which severely damaged her lungs.

So, here we are on double-secret-lockdown-quarantine.

The big highlight of my day, when I'm not cooking or cleaning, is taking the garbage out, or picking up packages. I call it my "me time."

But, you know what? It's still spring.  It's a time of renewal and rebirth, a promise of better things to come. 

Instead of being disappointed about staying at home right now, we should be thinking about the possibilities of the springs in the future.

You know what? I can hear the baby birds singing, and I see the leaves growing, and I don't know, I guess it gives me hope.

Did that sound believable?

Be safe everyone.

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Story produced by Sara Kugel. Editor: George Pozderec. 

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