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JFK Jr.: The Latest

Here are the highlights of this developing story:
  • The whereabouts of John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife and her sister are unknown after their plane went missing early Saturday morning while en route to Martha's Vineyard, Mass.
  • The search resumed early Sunday for John F. Kennedy Jr, his wife and her sister.
  • The Coast Guard has confirmed that a suitcase belonging to a passenger and parts of the plane have washed up on the Vineyard beach popularly known as Gay Head.

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    Hopes are fading for John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and her sister, but the Coast Guard is intensifying its search now that dawn has broken. CBS News Correspondents report.


    Thrust into the public eye with the echo of a gunshot in Dallas, John F. Kennedy r. grew up in the glare of publicity and the shadow of his father to become his own man.


    John F. Kennedy Jr. comes from one of America's most famous families, often likened to royalty. Although much in the limelight, the Kennedy family has been no stranger to tragedy.


    Well-schooled and beautiful, Carolyn Bessette became the bride of the man who many believed to be America's most eligible bachelor. What path did she take in her early years? CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports.


    Word that a plane carrying John F. Kennedy Jr. was missing took America by surprise. Those who knew him said another tragedy for the family is taking shape.


    The disappearance of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s airplane was the top news story in Europe, Russia, Israel and elsewhere around the world.


    The only son of one of the most revered U.S. presidents, John F. Kennedy Jr., never showed aspirations for political office. His career in recent years was publishing his magazine, George.


    One of John F. Kennedy's Flight Safety Academy classmates claims the famous son fully knew what he was doing in the cockpit. CBS News Correspondent Byron Pitts reports.


    The plane John F. Kennedy Jr. was flying is considered a reliable and forgiving aircraft, ideal for less experienced pilots.


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