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Kanye West releases new album "Jesus Is Born" with Sunday Service Choir on Christmas Day

Kanye West and his Sunday Service Choir released a new gospel album on Wednesday called "Jesus Is Born." The 19-track album hit digital streaming platforms Wednesday.

The artist is listed as the Sunday Service Choir, the gospel collective that he has been working with this year. According to TMZ, West and the choir performed "Mary" on Sunday in New York City. The choir sang songs from "Jesus Is King" as well as "The Little Drummer Boy." 

This is the first official album release from Sunday Service.  According to Complex, West is the executive producer of the new album.  

West's first gospel album, "Jesus Is King," was released in October under West's name. "Jesus Is King" earned West his ninth consecutive spot at the top of the Billboard 200.

West hinted in an interview with Apple's Beats 1's Zane Lowe in October that another album was coming.

West told Lane about his new journey through faith and what shaped the gospel albums. 

"There were times where I was asking people to not have premarital sex while they were working," West said, acknowledging that may be off-putting to some. "But seriously there's times where I went to people that were working on other projects and said 'could you just work and focus on this?'" 

"Families that pray together stay together," West told Lane. "When people pray together, and fast together, the power is increased." He also toyed with the idea of having coworkers fast with him.

When asked by TMZ on Sunday what he wants people to take away from 2019, West said "Christ." 

Caitlin O'Kane contributed to this report. 

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