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Jennifer Lopez on filming "Hustlers" and creating "something crazy and good"

JLo on Super Bowl: "Like winning the Oscar"
Jennifer Lopez on Super Bowl halftime show: "It's like winning the Oscar" 03:27

Superstar actor-singer-dancer-producer Jennifer Lopez opens up about her acting career, her own happiness, relationship advice she got from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and much more in an interview with Tony Dokoupil for "CBS Sunday Morning" to be broadcast December 22.

Lopez has been generating Oscar buzz for her work in "Hustlers," a film about women working in a strip club who con wealthy men by doping their drinks and maxing out their credit cards. (She was also a producer on the project.) She's already earned Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Award nominations for her performance. 

Lopez tells "CBS This Morning" co-host Dokoupil she approached the role differently than past acting gigs. With "Hustlers," she opened up the process, and herself: "What I wanted to do for the first time was ... whatever impulse I had, was to follow it, not to stop myself in the middle of a take or anything or go, 'No, that's not right,'" she said. "I really just for the first time was like, any impulse I get I'm gonna follow it. And then from there, whatever happens happens. And if it sucks? Take two. And if it doesn't, great! We got something crazy and good."

The actress and singer talks with "CBS Sunday Morning" about awards buzz for her film "Hustlers," relationship advice she received from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. CBS News

In a wide-ranging conversation, Lopez talks about her childhood; growing up in the Bronx; and getting into the business: "I do because I was so on the hamster wheel with work at times," she said. "And I was in relationships that were tough for me and weren't the right thing, but that had nothing to do with the people I was with. It had more to do with myself."

She also shares advice she and her fiancé, baseball star-turned-broadcaster Alex Rodriguez, got from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Lopez said she asked Ginsburg (who was married to tax attorney Marty Ginsburg for more than 50 years) how to make love last: "And she said, 'It's good to be a little deaf sometimes.' And I was like, 'Oh okay.' She's like, 'An unkind word, people are not perfect. Sometimes, you know, you just have to let it go.' [And] often Alex and I will now reference, like, RBG – like, stay calm, stay calm. You know, that's the superpower. When everything gets crazy or people get out of control when there's, like, heightened emotions, don't go there with people. Just stay calm."

Dokoupil also catches a part of Lopez's rehearsal for the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show, which will also feature Shakira. She said performing at the Super Bowl is something she's dreamed about.

"It's like winning the Oscar," Lopez said. "It's the biggest show that there is."

To watch a trailer for "Hustlers," click on the video player below.

HUSTLERS | Official Trailer 2019 [HD] by Roadshow Films on YouTube

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