​Jennifer Aniston cuts through all the paparazzi noise

Actress Jennifer Aniston could always get a laugh in the long-running TV show "Friends"
Actress Jennifer Aniston could always get a l... 09:30

Jennifer Aniston could always get a laugh in the long-running TV show, "Friends." Now she's trying her hand at a more serious role -- that is, when she's not under siege by the paparazzi. Lee Cowan has our Sunday Profile:

There is a fascination with Jennifer Aniston that seems to know no bounds. She is arguably one of the most photographed celebrities in Hollywood -- the subject of unrelenting gossip.

No wonder she doesn't do a lot of extended interviews.

But when she sat down with Cowan, Aniston seemed anxious to talk -- especially to answer a question she's actually been asking herself: "Can I do it? Am I capable? Is there a reason I'm not always the go-to girl for these kinds of parts?"

It's her part in the upcoming independent film, "Cake," that she hopes will erase any doubts.

Jennifer Aniston in "Cake." Cineplus

Aniston plays a woman suffering from chronic pain. She's out of friends, addicted to painkillers, and suicidal.

"I really was ready to, you know, just disappear and really go into the depths of a character," Anniston said.

"So where did all that come from?" Cowan asked.

"In me? Well, I'm pretty on the edge. I mean, I can cry at a Pampers commercial!" she laughed. "You just act it, use your own emotions."

"Cake" has already earned her nominations for a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe, and there are some whispers she could even be up for an Oscar.

"Is there a little part of you that's sort of "I told you so, I could do a role like this?"

"Eaaaahh . . . Maybe!" she laughed. "Maybe a teenzy one."

Ever since Aniston became a household name on the wildly popular sitcom "Friends," she's been thought of mainly for her comedic timing.