Jem Is 'Finally Woken'

If you're a new artist and two of your fans are Madonna and Dave Matthews, then life can't be too bad.

The artist is Jem, a Welsh-born singer/songwriter who performs this weekend on The Saturday Early Show's Second Cup Cafe.

Jem is quickly rising to the top. In fact, her hip-hop influenced folk music has already been featured on TV's "Desperate Housewives, "The O.C." and the current movie "Closer."

Her first full-length CD, "Finally Woken," has received great reviews and is about to be released in her native U.K.

Although she first started out behind the scenes as a promoter and deejay, Jem says she always knew that she would be a singer; she just wasn't in a rush.

Jem trivia: She says her favorite TV show is "24".