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Jeffrey Epstein accuser says his house had cameras "monitoring private moments"

Epstein accuser Maria Farmer speaks out
Jeffrey Epstein accuser describes cameras that could observe "private moments" 01:31

One of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers is providing chilling new insight into his alleged sex trafficking operation.

Maria Farmer, who is suing the Epstein estate, says cameras inside his Manhattan home were able to observe "private moments." CBS News

Maria Farmer told "CBS This Morning" that Epstein sexually assaulted her more than 20 years ago. She is now suing the Epstein estate.

In her first TV interview, Farmer alleges that Epstein had extensive surveillance inside his home, including tiny pinhole cameras.

Farmer told co-host Anthony Mason that Epstein showed her cameras throughout his house.

"The main thing he did when I walked in, and I thought was interesting, he showed me where the cameras, the men monitoring everything, were. So, if you're facing the house, there's a window on the right that's barred. That's the media room, is what he called it. And so, there was a door that looked like an invisible door with all this limestone and everything. And you push it, and you go in. And I saw, all the cameras, it was, like, old televisions basically, like, stacked."

Jeffrey Epstein's home in New York City. CBS News

"Monitors?" asked Mason.

"They were monitors inside this cabinet. And there were men sitting here. And I looked on the cameras, and I saw toilet, toilet, bed, bed, toilet, bed. I'm like, 'I am never gonna use the restroom here and I'm never gonna sleep here,' you know what I mean? It was very obvious that they were, like, monitoring private moments."

She believes there are tapes - the question is, who has them? 

Epstein, who was facing federal sex trafficking charges, died August 10 while in detention at a New York City jail

Tune in to "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday for more of Mason's interview with Maria Farmer, including how she is continuing the fight for justice, even after Epstein's death.

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