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Trashed by Trump, Amazon CEO has out-of-this-world response

Donald Trump has taken aim at numerous media execs over the past few months. But now one is firing back with a novel proposal - rocketing the Republican presidential candidate into outer space.

It all started when Trump accused Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who purchased the Washington Post in 2013, of using the newspaper as a "scam" to dodge taxes. Behold Trump's Twitter barrage:

Bezos apparently took the accusations in stride. The Amazon CEO, who also happens to own a commercial space flight company, had this response:

Last month, Bezos celebrated the vertical landing of his company's New Shepard space vehicle -- making history as the first fully reusable rocket to nail a safe landing on Earth.

Bezos told "CBS This Morning" that the company's plan is to continue testing for "the next couple of years," then start taking people into space "once we're completely confident in the vehicle."

It's unclear whether Bezos wants to put Trump on the rocket before or after the vehicle is deemed safe.

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