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House January 6 committee subpoenas Stephen Miller, Kayleigh McEnany and more close Trump allies

GOP lawmaker threatened after infrastructure vote
GOP lawmaker threatened after infrastructure vote 02:05

The House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol issued a new batch of subpoenas on Tuesday for 10 additional allies of former President Trump, including his former senior adviser Stephen Miller, body man Nicholas Luna and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

The subpoenas show that the committee is delving deeper into the actions of Mr. Trump himself leading up to and on January 6, as it demands information from those who surrounded him. The committee also demanded information from Mr. Trump's personal assistant, two of his special assistants, his deputy chief of staff and White House personnel director on January 6.

"The select committee wants to learn every detail of what went on in the White House on January 6th and in the days beforehand," Congressman Bennie Thompson, the committee's chair, said in a statement. "We need to know precisely what role the former president and his aides played in efforts to stop the counting of the electoral votes and if they were in touch with anyone outside the White House attempting to overturn the outcome of the election."

Thompson said that the committee was seeking information from Miller because the former senior advisor to the president said he was part of efforts to spread false information about alleged election fraud and to convince state legislatures to change the results.  

President Trump Departs White House For Campaign Rally In Pennsylvania
Senior advisor for policy Stephen Miller, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows waves to guests before they boarded Marine One on the south lawn of the White House on October 20, 2020 in Washington, DC.  Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

Documents obtained by the select committee show that Molly Michael, one of Mr. Trump's former special assistants, forwarded an email to former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Clark with talking points about unsubstantiated claims of voting irregularities and forwarded other emails aimed at overturning the election results, Thompson wrote in a letter informing her the committee was issuing her a subpoena.

Several of those who were sent subpoenas were near Mr. Trump on the Ellipse on January 6 as he rallied supporters on January 6, including Miller, McEnany, former special assistant to the president Cassidy Hutchinson and former White House personnel director John McEntee. 

The full list of people subpoenaed Tuesday are:

  • Nicholas Luna, former president's personal assistant
  • Molly Michael, former special assistant to the president and oval office operations coordinator
  • Ben WIlliamson, former deputy assistant to the president and senior advisor to chief of staff Mark Meadows
  • Christopher Liddell, former White House deputy chief of staff
  • John McEntee, former White House personnel director
  • Keith Kellogg, Vice President Pence's national security advisor 
  • Kayleigh McEnamy, former White House press secretary
  • Stephen Miller, former senior adviser to the president
  • Cassidy Hutchinson, former special assistant to the president for legislative affairs
  • Kenneth Klukowski, former senior counsel to assistant attorney general Jeffrey Clark 

The flurry of subpoenas follows a half dozen the committee issued Monday as it ramps up its investigation into why and how a group of Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and delayed the certification of the election. 

The committee demanded records and depositions from the latest batch by late November and early December. It's not yet clear whether the witnesses will cooperate. The House last month  found Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for failing to comply with a subpoena from the select committee, but Justice Department officials have not yet indicated whether they will prosecute him. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi created the House select committee earlier this year to investigate the January 6 attack, when thousands of Trump supporters descended on the Capitol as Congress counted the electoral votes, a largely ceremonial final step affirming President Biden's victory. Lawmakers were sent fleeing amid the riot, which led to the deaths of five people and the arrests of hundreds more. Mr. Trump, who encouraged his supporters to "walk over" to the Capitol during the Stop the Steal rally, was impeached by the House one week later for inciting the riot but was later acquitted by the Senate

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