Jane Lynch on "Angel from Hell," "Glee" and David Bowie

Jane Lynch on "Angel from Hell," "Glee" and D... 05:42

After playing the beloved bully and everyone's favorite high school administrator in "Glee," Jane Lynch is trading her tracksuit for wings.

The Emmy and Golden Globe winner recently made her return to TV in the CBS comedy, "Angel from Hell." Lynch plays Amy, who claims to be a guardian angel sent to teach an uptight dermatologist, Allison - played by Maggie Lawson -- how to loosen up.

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"She loves everything about being human, which includes alcohol, sex and sugar. She wants Allison to loosen up in that way too because she is very buttoned up," Lynch said of her new role. "And so she models a kind of different way to life, which is enjoying everything."

Lynch's chemistry with Lawson reflects their close bond off screen.

"We were doing a chemistry read - which is what the network does to make sure that you have something between each other - and I was in the bathroom signing from 'A Chorus Line,'" Lynch said. "And all of a sudden, Maggie joined in and we were singing 'Chorus Line' at the top of our lungs in the bathroom.

Lynch is best known for her comical ensemble roles, such as Coach Sue Sylvester in "Glee." The actress said she prefers being a part of an ensemble over playing the main character.

"I love the back and forth. It's like a balloon up in the air and everybody's trying to keep it up," Lynch explained. "I love that. That's so much fun."

Speaking about "Glee," Lynch said it "lives on in her heart" and described the show as a "cultural phenomenon."

Lynch recalled one episode that paid tribute to David Bowie, in which Lynch dressed up as the music legend.

"He did everything his own way. He did it his way and he was something else. I remember the first time I saw him, I was shocked, my little Midwestern self who was a closeted gay person and he was a man dressing up as a woman and really working it," Lynch recalled. "It kind of was off-putting. He scared me and then I came to love him."

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