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It's Curtains For Jane And Ted

(CBS) - With little fanfare, actress and former fitness guru Jane Fonda was granted a divorce from CNN founder Ted Turner Tuesday, ending almost 10 years of marriage.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Gail Tusan granted Fonda's divorce petition, which she filed last month, said John C. Mayoue, Fonda's attorney.

"I feel sadness," Fonda said in a statement. "We shared 10 years together and I will always care for him. Now it's time to move on, and I wish him well."

A call to Turner's office seeking comment was not returned.

Mayou declined to discuss details of the divorce settlement except to say that "all issues are resolved."

The billionaire Turner and two-time Oscar winner Fonda were married in December 1991. It was the third marriage for both. The couple announced their separation in January 2000.

Fonda's divorce filing said only that the marriage was "irretrievably broken," standard language for a divorce petition in Georgia.

But last month Turner told The New Yorker that Fonda's decision to become a Christian played a part in the breakup.

"She just came home and said, 'I've become a Christian,'" he said. "Before that, she was not a religious person. That's a pretty big change for your wife of many years to tell you. That's a shock."

Turner has caused controversy in the past over his disparaging remarks about religion in general and Catholics and other Christians in particular. On Ash Wednesday of this year, when Roman Catholics wear ashes on their foreheads to signify the arrival of lent, Turner allegedly said people who wore ashes were "Jesus freaks."

Fonda told the magazine: "My becoming a Christian upset him very much — for good reason. He's my husband I chose not to discuss it with him — because he would have talked me out of it."

She also said that she wanted to spend more time with her daughter from a previous marriage and new grandchild, something that wouldn't please Turner.

"He needs someone to be there one hundred percent of the time. He thinks that's love. It is not love. It's babysitting," she said. "We went in different directions. I grew up."

Fonda is currently doing research for a book on self-taught southern artists.

Turner sold CNN and his other broadcasting operations to Time Warner in 1996, but his operational role has been minimized following Time Warner's takeover by AOL. He remains a vice chairman and senior adviser at the company, and has been devoting more time to philanthropic activities.

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