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Israeli leader demands "clear red line" on Iran

(CBS/AP) JERUSALEM - Israel's prime minister urges the international community to get tougher with Iran, saying that without a "clear red line" Tehran will not halt its nuclear program.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet Sunday that Iran does not see international determination to stop its nuclear activities, and instead is using talks with major powers to "gain time" while advancing their nuclear program.

The U.N. nuclear agency last week concluded that Iran has expanded its nuclear activity at a heavily fortified underground site and effectively shut down inspections of a separate site suspected of being used for weapons-related experiments.

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Referencing the IAEA report published last week, Netanyahu said, "While the international sanctions are indeed making things difficult for the Iranian economy, they are not delaying the progress of the Iranian nuclear project. ...

"I believe that the truth must be told - the international community is not setting Iran a clear red line, and Iran does not see international determination to stop its nuclear project."

The prime minister also remarked on anti-Israel statements made at a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran last week. "They heard contemptuous, anti-Semitic remarks by the ruler of Iran, and this was in continuation of his statements about the destruction of Israel. Nobody stood up. Nobody left the hall," Netanyahu said.

Israel has threatened to attack Iran if it believes international sanctions and diplomacy are failing to curb Tehran's disputed nuclear program. Iran says its program is solely for peaceful purposes.

Netanyahu's latest comments reflect Israel's stance that time for military action is quickly running out.

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