ISP: Dick In Dreamland

On today's show: V.P. Cheney nods off at meeting; Maria Shriver is done with TV; and man makes giant hairball.

Today we got our hands on some great video of Vice President Dick Cheney nodding off in the middle of a Cabinet meeting about the wildfires in Southern California.

There's a great shot of Labor Secretary Elaine Chao shooting a glance of disbelief when she realized it was lights out two doors down.

You may not know much about Secretary Chao, but she is the lone surviving member of the original Cabinet that Bush 43 assembled. All the others have left office. With just 452 days left to this administration, I'd say the odds are good she'll make it to the finish line.

Here's another Bush 43 Cabinet factoid: Norm Mineta served as Transportation Secretary from 2001-2006, making him the longest-serving in his department ever.

Other points of interest today:

Maria Shriver's comments about the coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death made me chuckle a bit. She certainly has a point, and I respect the work Shriver did as a journalist. But as this blast from the past proves, everybody does tabloid at one point or another, and there's nothing new about it.

If the larger point is that media has become too celebrity focused, she may be right. In a recent Pew Center survey, 87% of those responding said that celebrity scandals receive too much attention in MSM.

I have written about the Anna Nicole story before, and I believe that while the coverage of the funeral was a little bit out of control, the death itself deserved to be covered. Sometimes you just can't ignore the story everybody is talking about, even if it seems like fluff.

Do you agree or disagree?